The Hunter entered Doc Shephard's office. Inside, he found the doctor drunk and on the floor, amongst a dozen or so empty whiskey bottles. The Hunter noted that Shephard was the one trying to dance with 'freckles girl' earlier at the saloon. "Mornin', Doc!" the Hunter said loudly. Shephard glanced up through bloodshot eyes. "Whada want?!" he slurred. The Hunter smiled politely, "I'd like to ask you about some people I'm looking for but it appears now might not be the best time!" Shephard crawled over to a desk. "It don't get any better than this!" he said, "so who are you looking for?" The Hunter spoke slowly, "Blonde, leggy girl named Shannon! Thin, bearded guy named Daniel! Arrived a few days ago!" Shephard frowned, "Don't know their names. But I've seen them. Talk is they were special. Real top priority! Don't know where they went! Maybe way out west of town. You ask the Sheriff?" "Yep," the Hunter replied, "he didn't know anything." Shephard laughed drunkenly, "Oh, he knows! Locke is just another flunkie! You made a mistake of going to him! You'll be watched for sure! Locke will tell ol' Smokie too!" The Hunter shrugged. Shephard made it to a chair behind his desk and sat down. "Yeah," Shephard said, "Hunters like you come around every once in a while. Looking for this person or that person. But they never succeed!" "Why?" the Hunter asked. Shephard smiled, "Because they run up against an evil they've never encountered before! It controls everything and everyone in this town! If I were you, I'd get out while I still had my soul! Even if you find your bounty, you can't leave!" "Why's that?" the Hunter said. Shephard looked at him soberly, "Because, once you're at this level, there's nowhere to go but down! You see, my unfortunate friend, you are at the way station to Hell!" Next: Chap. 12 "The Games"

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