The Hunter came back down into the saloon. The same people were still playing backgammon. The piano was now playing a waltz version of 'Are You Sure This Is Where You Want To Be?' The Hunter noticed the "freckles girl" was slow dancing with some tall, dark haired guy, who was so drunk, she had to hold him up. The rotund bartender was still behind the bar. "Mornin, dude!" he cheerily said, "like some breakfast? Today's special is tree frog legs, dipped in ranch dressing! If you close your eyes, it tastes like chicken!" "Naw, thanks," the Hunter replied. No sooner had he uttered those words, that Benjamin Linus appeared! "Good morning," Linus said, "you heading over to the Sheriff's office?" "Yeah," the Hunter answered. "Good! I'll take you over there!" Linus cheerily said. They headed out. Even in the searing sun, the town appeared dead. Linus lead the Hunter down the dusty street to a ragtag office building. They entered. The office was dark and dank. A bald man sat behind a desk. In the far corner, stood a tall, freakishly muscular guy, with a square jaw and flat top crew cut. He smiled cruelly. "Sheriff!" Linus said to the bald man, "this gentleman is looking for someone. I thought you might be able to help!" Linus then turned to the Hunter, "This is Sheriff John Locke!" Locke looked up through squinting eyes, "Who are you looking for?" he hoarsely asked. "A young man and woman," the Hunter replied, "she's a tall blonde. Her name's Shannon Rutherford. He's thin. Longish dark hair. Thin beard. He's Daniel Farraday. Heard they may have come in on the stagecoach a few days ago. I've been hired to find them!" "Who hired you?" Locke asked. "I'm afraid I can't tell you that!" the Hunter answered. Locke smiled, "Well, I can't say I'm aware of anyone matching those descriptions." "Anyone else around here might know?" the Hunter asked. "Maybe Doc Shephard," Locke said, "he's probably at his clinic by now, just across the street. I'll have Deputy Keamy take you over!" "No, I'll find him!" the Hunter said. Locke nodded, "Hope you find what you're looking for before..." Locke cut himself off. "Before what?" the Hunter asked. Locke smiled sadistically, "Before the Festival of Judgments!" Next: Chap. 11 "The Doctor"

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