• Theory of everything

    The Welcome Inn wasn’t a very welcoming place. It was no more than a run down fleabag of a motel on the outskirts of LAX.

    Between the constant roar of the jets just skimming over the roof, as they came in for a landing. There was also the constant yelling and fighting from the Haze head couple in the next room.

    Lysergic Oldham had, long ago, decided she wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight, so she didn’t even try. Instead, electing to just sit on the ratty couch that sat over in the cobwebbed corner, as what passed for a room and smoke the last of her herbal cigarettes.

    Binary, however, seemed to have no trouble and snored away on the lumpy bed.

    Lysergic had earlier unzipped the leather bag and dumped the cash out onto couch. She had examine…

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  • Theory of everything

    Lysergic Oldham entered Slicer’s room. She looked under the bed and quickly discovered what she was seeking. The safe.

    She took another glance at the paper Braincase had given her, just before he died, which contained the combination. She bent down and began twirling the dial.

    16 Right. 23 Left. 42 Right. Click! The safe was open.

    Lysergic glanced in. There was no Gold, nor Jewelry, nor Drugs, so she continued to scrounge around, until…...

    “Hello!” she mumbled to herself, “what do we have here?!”

    Lysergic had discovered, stacked under some envelope, rolls of cash, lots of rolls! All neatly stacked at the back of the safe.

    Lysergic took the rolls out.

    “Now this is interesting,” she said, “very interesting.”

    She unrolled the bills and started counti…

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  • Theory of everything

    Lysergic Oldham exhaustedly wandered back into the warehouse. It looked like a slaughterhouse in there. Then again, a slaughter had just taken place.

    She could still hear the whimpering of Binary, who still terrified and confused and hidden under the table in the copy room. As Lysergic went to check on her, she suddenly heard something else. A wheezing, gasping sound. Someone was still alive!

    She immediately pulled out the .454 and quickly glanced around. All of Savo’s security boys were dead, as were the Keamy twins. The same could be said of Warts and Slimy, being all decapitated and such. Lysergic, however, could still hear a subtle breathing.

    She scanned the warehouse once again until she saw movement. It was Braincase! He was still alive…

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  • Theory of everything

    As soon as Antia Kristos Savo gave the command to kill, a controlled chaos ensued. Savo’s security guard #1 immediately took aim and fired a couple of rounds through the chest of Demetri Keamy.

    Before he collapsed onto the warehouse floor, Demetri cried out “Son of a……”

    “…Bitch!!!” his twin brother Servai finished as he, in retaliation, fired off a couple of rounds through guard #1.

    Servai Keamy, in turn, was felled by guard #2.

    Lysergic Oldham, alert after the warnings she had received from the spirits of Bradley and Annie Linus, instantaneously pulled out the .454 Helsing Silver Special and opened fire.

    Guard #2 collapsed, when two bullets from Lysergic’s gun neatly burrowed into his head via the eye socket.

    Lysergic quickly rolled and tumble…

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  • Theory of everything

    Lysergic Oldham thought she was having an acid flashback (she had had them before) when she saw the images of Bradley and Annie Linus standing before her. Meanwhile, the red amulet around her neck, glowed furiously. Lysergic figured they were somehow connected.

    ‘What lame poem did Teresa say about the red one,’ Lysergic tried to remember, ‘oh yeah. The power of red, utilizes the dead!’

    Lysergic quickly looked around but no one else seemed to have noticed the Linus’s standing there. She glanced back to see Bradley and Annie fading in and out of focus.

    ‘Ghosts??!!’ Lysergic wondered, as her eyes began to tear up, as she was quickly reminded how she missed them both.

    They did not speak but, instead, appeared to try and direct Lysergic’s attentio…

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