So last week the secretary at the English Department I'm a student at mentioned it was Talk Like Shakespeare Day or something, because it was the day of Shakespeare's death (and, according to legend, the day of his birth). That got me to thinking and so together (so thanks to my friend Justina!) we developed this 'theory': Shakespeare died on 4/23/16. 1616, that is. That includes three of the Numbers already. We've already had an episode called 'The Tempest,' and this is what we added: This season, we've discovered that an entity on the Island wants to get off. We already know that people have been called to the Island. In 'The Tempest,' one of the major characters of the play (Prospero), who has been stuck on an island after having his throne taken from him by someone close to him, uses some magical powers he possesses to call a ship to the island to set about the final stages of the story, which include Prospero getting off the island and going back home.

This is quite like LOST. The Man in Black had something taken from him by someone we can reasonably guess was close to him (allegedly his body). He is stranded on an Island. And he did set in motion a sequence of events to bring certain people back to the Island via a type of ship (plane). For what purpose? Supposedly, he wants to go home.

What if the Man in Black's name is Prospero? Or Sycorax? (Who was the evil 'witch' entity in Shakespeare's play). Or Caliban (the witch thing's son). The MIB being Caliban might make sense considering what MIB said about his crazy mother.

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