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June 2, 2007
  • Thektulu7

    The producers have said that the FST was an important part of the story of the show, and now we have seen, from The End, that the sideways timeline was basically a class reunion after everyone involved with the Island finally died. Which brings up an important question: HOW IS THAT SIGNIFICANT? Theoretically, you could pretend the same premise for any story. Lord of the Rings? You could pretend that after everyone died they all lived an "afterlife" on a Middle-Earth not corrupted by Sauron. Or that the people in Star Wars all lived in Endor after their deaths. What significance does an afterlife have on the story we all care about? Couldn't we have just watched Jack save The Island and let it be done with?

    I don't think so. I still think th…

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  • Thektulu7

    So last week the secretary at the English Department I'm a student at mentioned it was Talk Like Shakespeare Day or something, because it was the day of Shakespeare's death (and, according to legend, the day of his birth). That got me to thinking and so together (so thanks to my friend Justina!) we developed this 'theory': Shakespeare died on 4/23/16. 1616, that is. That includes three of the Numbers already. We've already had an episode called 'The Tempest,' and this is what we added: This season, we've discovered that an entity on the Island wants to get off. We already know that people have been called to the Island. In 'The Tempest,' one of the major characters of the play (Prospero), who has been stuck on an island after having his th…

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  • Thektulu7

    Surviving the Crash

    February 21, 2009 by Thektulu7

    So the Oceanic 6 had to recreate as much of their original flight as possible in order to get back to the island. The way they got to the island the second time was by plane, just as with the first time. If they know where the Island WILL be at a certain point in time, why not just take a boat out and wait for it to appear? But the plane is important.

    In early seasons, I think it was Locke who asked Jack what he thought about them surviving a crash that should have killed them all. Or someone at least mentioned this. I think that Oceanic 815 was filled with people who were meant to be on the Island . . . by people working with Linus, Widmore, Hawking, etc. Jack got onto the plane because Christian died at a convenient time. Claire got on be…

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