Hi folks, this is my first sorry in advance for anything that arouses you.

So look, I've just been thinking about Desmond and the stuff he went through. Suddenyl I remembered the swan implosion. And Desmond waking up in the middle of the jungle, naked and with no memory. I didn't reread this episode...but I need to write this down now or I'll forget :).

First of all I thought about the last episode and Desmonds cool ability to withstand such great electromagnetic energy and then thhought about the smoke monsters weakness against electromegnetism.

What if the implosion of the swan was elementary to Desmond actually existing. I am saying that the implosion was the trigger to Desmonds "birth".

I see it slowly fading...nonetheless.

Imagin Reality A with Desmond and the Losties before the Implosion. Then the swan implodes and sets free this huge electromagnetic pocket. Everybody dies...the Losties, the Island is destroyed (sunk) and the electromagnetism killed smokey. Everything was cleared and erased. Except for Desmond. Suddenly Reality B was born with Desmond in it. Desmond being the Islands constant! The Island wasn't done with him and it will never be. The Island will always be. And so will Desmond. And that rebirth (or actual birth) was the starting point of Desmond and everything he does from that moment on will lead to exactly the same point him turning the key and setting free the electromagnetic pocket to destroy smokey.

This may (probably has) have a lot of holes...but maybe someone is on with me here.

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