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April 8, 2009
  • Thefonz

    The End...

    May 12, 2010 by Thefonz

    ...of the show will be so simple and mundane, that it is inevitable to disappoint. That's what Across the Sea taught me. It's been a hype for so long and the thing about hypes is that all of them let you down. It's everywhere: In Games (Final Fantasy 13), Music (Hendrix' "New Album" Valleys of Neptune...dude come on!), Films,... We were hoping for the greatest reveal in human history, explaining everything, the universe and all existance. Maybe we all just expected too much and interpreted it all wrong.

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  • Thefonz

    The Source...

    May 12, 2010 by Thefonz

    Oh my...I somehow knew it. It's all going to end as a huge Matrix flip-off. The Source, Jacob being Neo, Smith being the MIB, Mom being the Architect and so on. I mean look at the Architect in Reloaded and then compare him and his insanely crazy shit talk to the stuff stated by weirdo mom. No answers, just more questions. In Revolutions Smith finally becomes human, like he always wanted. But then he hates it, hates the smell, the looks,... In some way the same happens to MIB. He becomes a part of the other people and then hates them because they are greedy and manipulative. I believe in watching the whole Matrix trilogy we will know how Lost is going to end. Jacob will have to enter the Source or else the island will never be saved. Maybe …

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  • Thefonz

    The Swan implosion

    April 11, 2010 by Thefonz

    Hi folks, this is my first sorry in advance for anything that arouses you.

    So look, I've just been thinking about Desmond and the stuff he went through. Suddenyl I remembered the swan implosion. And Desmond waking up in the middle of the jungle, naked and with no memory. I didn't reread this episode...but I need to write this down now or I'll forget :).

    First of all I thought about the last episode and Desmonds cool ability to withstand such great electromagnetic energy and then thhought about the smoke monsters weakness against electromegnetism.

    What if the implosion of the swan was elementary to Desmond actually existing. I am saying that the implosion was the trigger to Desmonds "birth".

    I see it slowly fading...nonetheless.


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