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    There's 11 because I couldn't think of one to get rid of. Tell me what you all think :)

    11. Jin not making it onto the chooper, Sun screaming for him - No Place Like Home

    10. Keamy shots Alex - The Shape of Things To Come

    9. Jack thinks that Jin, Sayid and Benard are dead and beats up Ben - Through The Looking Glass

    8. Charlies Greatest Hits - Greatest Hits

    7. Boones death - Do No Harm

    6. Locke finds out that his dad used him for his kidney - Deus Ex Machina

    5. MIB decribes Locke to Ben - LAX

    4. Sawyer tells Jack about meeting his father in Australia - Exodus

    3. Penny and Desmonds Phone Call - The Constant

    2. Charlies Death - Through The Looking Glass

    1. When Hurley and Claire find out that Charlie has died - The Beginning Of The End

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