Maybe its just me but does anyone else like Seasons 1 and 2 are better than 3, 4, 5? I feel like in 3-5, the show lost some of its composure and became more a shoot em up type. In seasons 1 and 2 the show had this prevailing mystery and magical quality about it. We began learning about the others and dharma and it all seemed so tightly wound and composed. Also, the hatch and the button are probably *still* my favorite parts of the show. They were the most original and creative. We have never seen a hatch or a button or anything like this before. Now, dont get me wrong, season 2 had its annoyances (THEY TOOK MY SON!) but it still had a level of intrigue about it. More than anything on the show, I wanted to find out what happened of the button wasnt pressed. It was here that LOST reached its highest point. Then we got into season 3... Season 3 and 4 had its moments but there were too few and too far in between. Most of the time I feel was wasted on random shooting, beating, running, etc. Stuff that became so common it was no longer surprising nor very exciting (at least for me). Then we got into the time stuff with Desmond and it was here that I feel LOST took a turn for the worst. Time travel is awesome and its an idea that will always captivate and intrigue in the real world. Yet, in show biz, I honestly feel like time travel is the lazy way out. We've all seen time travel in tv shows and movies hundreds of times. Seeing it on LOST was nothing new. Nothing like the button. Yes, there was a lot of shooting and hitting in seasons 1 and 2 however, back then, it was new and exciting. We really didnt know what to expect. Anyways, to sum up, as of now without knowing the ending, while the show is still awesome, I cant help but feel that Seasons 3, 4, 5 took a different direction away from 1 and 2. Even if they "knew what was happening the whole time" more than half the stuff is written and made up on a episode by episode basis.

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