• The trickster

    I am going to post a long list of all mysteries of the show that ended up unexplained. Feel free to add your own in the comments or/and explain some of them, if you feel like.

    • Hurley bird
    • Outrigger canoes
    • The nature of Smoke Monster. Falling in a huge sink doesn't satisfy me.
    • What is under the Island? Is it literally a cork to hell? Sounds lame to me. Why is there a bright magical light when the hell is safely corked?
    • What exactly are the properties of the light? They made it look like applied phlebotinum (deus ex machina really).
    • How did Others leave the Island without the sub or any boats?
    • How did Jacob leave the Island?
    • Why both Mother and Jacob enchanted the wine/water while passing their powers, and why Jack didn't? Is it really necessary, o…
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