For all the complaints that surround Jack and, even more so, Kate- why not Sawyer? I’ve always been a bit disappointed that people are apparently willing to overlook the fact that he’s made some of the biggest douche moves on the show for the fact that he’s got dimples and funny nicknames.

Yes, when Sawyer became domestic Dharma security man it was a complete 360. We see that he’s matured, is in a very stable relationship, and isn’t a total a** like he was before. Then the whole Juliet ordeal happens, and he’s back to being the rogue cowboy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

He has every right to be all emotionally stricken and what have you, of course, but the fact that he flat-out blames Jack? He was trying to stop all of the horrible things that took place on the island from ever happening, and quite frankly, what other option did they have? Never get back to the present, never reunite Aaron with his mother, Sun and Jin never find each other, and half of them are heartbroken for the rest of their lives. Everyone pretty much agrees that it’s in their best interest to try. Even Juliet wanted him to do it. She set the bomb off herself for pete’s sake.

I understand that your girlfriend was killed, Sawyer, but don’t take it out on Jack when he was carrying out the best option you had at the time, and especially not when your girlfriend openly supported his actions because of the fact that she could tell that, deep down, you still wanted Kate.

I guess it just pisses me off that people will find ANY reason to hate on Jack (Kate I partially understand)- for instance, complaining that Jack is so negative and untrusting toward the Temple dwellers when they are seemingly helping them. Sawyer pointed a gun at everyone and LEFT, even going so far as to declare that he doesn’t care what happens to them, they aren’t his friends, etc... but, no big deal...

I’m not saying that everyone should hate Sawyer, because I don’t think that at all. I’m saying we should be willing to take the good with the bad, not just with Sawyer, but with ALL the characters.

So there’s my two cents on something that has bothered me since season one.

-Hides from flaming arrows for having an unpopular opinion-

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