We are off topic here so we need a new blog. The remark is summation of my studies and experience.

The Bible shows God picks unlikely people. Wise men from Plato to Joyce affirm that few under the shadows on the cave wall and that God is stingy with His Grace (Joyce's The Dead and Grace illustrate this). Calvin's concept of election is plain wrong.

Mr. Sheep a few items:I am a student of religion, but I am not full of grace. I am not a man of faith, but a man who believes that from what he knows no one/nothing could exist with God and without Redemption. My redeemer is the enemy of entropy, the enemy of waste, the author of natural law.I have no belief in zealots that are young and ignorant, no faith in instant karma. It took 40-43 years to believe the little that I do. I am Catholic, but I do not attend mass. My priest is stupid. I am looking for wisdom, not foolishness.

To your question: here's the answer: you do not want to be God's choice. You end up on a cross.

You end up hating the world (see TS Eliot's poem Journey of the Magi).All who say that religion gives them confidence and lightens their spirit are liars. The more one studies God, the colder this world becomes. You become the stranger in a strange land.

As for the use of God's name for theft or murder, no one chosen by God could such things (unless he was acting under the provisions of Exodus chapter 23 to 26 which are limited to orthodox Jews; it is only for males without significant sins (there are plenty) who are conservative or orthodox Jews).

Sorry, Mr. Sheep, this remnant under very restricted circumstances may answer the call of blood. If Sawyer were an orthodox or conservative Jew, his killing of Cooper would be obedience to God. But Sawyer is not sinless; he is not Jewish. This is the single exception against killing. No one else has God on their side. It is a very high standard.

As for knowing God's will, those who say they know such things are liars. If I had such power, I would hide. No sane person wants the powers of God. the human frame aint built for it. The A-bomb brought not the nuclear age, but the age of anxiety. (the phrase is WH Auden's).

Belief in God has been a great burden; it has made my spirit sad. Lacking grace, intrinsic faith, the gift of hope, belief is hard. I cling to it because I know it to be true. As Sherlock Holmes said eliminate the other possibilities. That's what I have done. Dostoyevsky is my contemporary; anyone who says religion lightens the heart need only read The Brothers Karamazov.--The mortal veil 17:05, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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