The entire line of inquiry of The Golden Bough is developed from one particular ritualistic practice that Frazer describes in the book’s early pages. In Italy, he explains, there is a wooded area on the shore of Lake Nemi, which is dedicated to the memory of the Roman goddess Diana. By tradition, each priest of Diana who guards the forest, known as the King of the Wood, gained his position by murdering the priest who held the position before him. This is a summary taken from one of the crib-books concerning Sir James Frazier's ponderous The Golden Bough Let go to the beginning: Mother steals the first king (MiB); she realizes that he won't play his part so she gives the title to Jacob. Generally in the mythical paradigm a freed slave (Richard) is the killer and loses nothing. (in those early times the penalty for escape was death except when the slave finds divine protection). That explains why Richard was told to kill Jacob. It also explains why Flocke will never Ben. MiB thought that Ben would not know this. Of course, Ben knows it. The business about asking for Stephen King earlier in the series was another deception. Ben can kill Charles is because Ben is now KING. If Ben dies by MiB's hand, MiB will never escape Jacob's whole ceremony is another deception. It is a farce. Another false baptism (like Richard's)

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