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  • The mortal veil

    We are off topic here so we need a new blog. The remark is summation of my studies and experience.

    The Bible shows God picks unlikely people. Wise men from Plato to Joyce affirm that few under the shadows on the cave wall and that God is stingy with His Grace (Joyce's The Dead and Grace illustrate this). Calvin's concept of election is plain wrong.

    Mr. Sheep a few items:I am a student of religion, but I am not full of grace. I am not a man of faith, but a man who believes that from what he knows no one/nothing could exist with God and without Redemption. My redeemer is the enemy of entropy, the enemy of waste, the author of natural law.I have no belief in zealots that are young and ignorant, no faith in instant karma. It took 40-43 years to…

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  • The mortal veil

    The entire line of inquiry of The Golden Bough is developed from one particular ritualistic practice that Frazer describes in the book’s early pages. In Italy, he explains, there is a wooded area on the shore of Lake Nemi, which is dedicated to the memory of the Roman goddess Diana. By tradition, each priest of Diana who guards the forest, known as the King of the Wood, gained his position by murdering the priest who held the position before him. This is a summary taken from one of the crib-books concerning Sir James Frazier's ponderous The Golden Bough Let go to the beginning: Mother steals the first king (MiB); she realizes that he won't play his part so she gives the title to Jacob. Generally in the mythical paradigm a freed slave (Richa…

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  • The mortal veil

    Mr. sheep and I have great deal in common in matters of aesthetics and the supreme importance of science. the man of science is more often a man of faith than the clergyman. The man of science is not afraid to investigate creation; he (or she) is interviewing God. Jewish, Christian, Islamic dogma all state that God is the author of an ordered creation. The man desires validation. Any "so-called" person of faith who decries such investigation has "a crisis with Faith" Science is a verification of that dogma. As for L.dharma, such investigations are done best in society where there is liberty for even the most distasteful views. Jefferson put aside his personal opinions concerning Christ for the sake of that liberty. Madison and Hamilton wer…

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