I've just noticed a lot of animosity on these boards and thought it might be worth discussing in a logical way that avoids ad hominem attacks. People who loved a particular episode are getting overly agitated at anyone who didn't like something about it, and that seems kind of bizarre to me.

I think it has to be understood that there are people who have had unwavering faith in the show since it started and are now noticing a bit of rushed pacing near the end, which really isn't excusable since the producers are in a rare situation where they were able to pick their own end date. It's not like everyone who dislikes an episode is some stupid LOST newbie who "just doesn't get it." People are entitled to their opinions. In fact, I sort of thought that's what the blogs were for.

If you can say what you LIKE about the show without being attacked, other people can say what they don't like. Haters of the episode are not attacking "those stupid people who LOVED this epsiode," so it's really unfounded for people who loved episodes like "Across the Sea" to mock anyone who was less impressed than you were. State your mind (as CTS does on the review posted on the main page) and stop attacking people who disagree with you.

I'm only one humble LOST fan, but at the risk of sounding like some sort of hippy, I really think everyone should stop arguing. Say what you like, say what you don't like, and move on. No one's a lesser person for disliking an episode of lost ^_^

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