Now for me to make my point, I have to make somewhat of an assumption about all of us as an audience. I hate to generalize, and apologize if this doesn't hold for everyone, but here we are: I would wager a guess that the majority of science fiction fans are NOT all too religious. My personal experience and discussions with other sci-fi buffs suggests this and while not completely incompatible, science and faith seem to be generally at odds in most circumstances. LOST itself has presented this conflict of the man of science vs the man of faith from the beginning of the series with Jack and Locke.

There are two questions I believe this presents ("WHAT? MORE QUESTIONS?")

For those who thrive on science and logic, but did enjoy the way the show ended, how can that be reconciled?

And for those who hated it, why should sci-fi viewers accept this finale which on the surface appears to be an affront to their scientific ideals, granting few answers and simply a recommendation of faith?

It's not hard to argue that the evolution of Jack's character involves a change from the practice of science to the practice of faith, following the death of his unwanted mentor in faith, John Locke. It could also be argued that the show itself mirrors this concept, demanding that we accept a final episode that relies on faith more then concrete answers.

Now it seems I'm simply drawing attention to other things that should have made science fans dislike the show. I'm not. So hear me out:

We've been repeatedly lied to on a grand scale throughout the course of the show (by Ben, by Widmore, by MiB, even by characters like Locke and Charlie). Even things we've seen (like the Other's "savage" attire to disguise their technological prowess) have been lies. Any information we are given has to be accepted with a certain level of faith on our parts. If we're to accept these answer, we have to have faith that there is truth in what they suggest, since we cannot (will not?) come to the conclusions ourselves.

The fact that so many answers were NOT clearly defined, allows us as viewers to piece together our own ideas of how this world of LOST works, using logic, reason, and the scientific method, to the extent that it can be applied to a show that obviously isn't quite tangible.

By that notion, any answers we were given directly would have been less fulfilling, because we would be forced to accept those answers. We were never denied the opportunity to search for our own truth in the previous 5 seasons. To steal that opportunity from us in the final moments of the show would have been wrong.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Sorry if I've offended anyone.

But not really :)

Long live Lost ^_^

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