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May 28, 2009
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    I posted this in a comment else wear, but I was curious . . .

    Did anyone else have an issue with the cardboard piece that holds the map onto the top lid (where the bonus disc is hidden)? The edges of the cardboard connector are frayed and I can't get the map to click back into the lid. Every time I try it gets worse.

    I mean, I feel a little OCD, but I paid a lot of money for this thing and I kinda wanna exchange it, cuz I can't even close the box unless I take the map out entirely.

    But of course, I opened all the inner packagings before I realized anything was wrong :(


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  • The Variable

    Now for me to make my point, I have to make somewhat of an assumption about all of us as an audience. I hate to generalize, and apologize if this doesn't hold for everyone, but here we are: I would wager a guess that the majority of science fiction fans are NOT all too religious. My personal experience and discussions with other sci-fi buffs suggests this and while not completely incompatible, science and faith seem to be generally at odds in most circumstances. LOST itself has presented this conflict of the man of science vs the man of faith from the beginning of the series with Jack and Locke.

    There are two questions I believe this presents ("WHAT? MORE QUESTIONS?")

    For those who thrive on science and logic, but did enjoy the way the sh…

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    I've just noticed a lot of animosity on these boards and thought it might be worth discussing in a logical way that avoids ad hominem attacks. People who loved a particular episode are getting overly agitated at anyone who didn't like something about it, and that seems kind of bizarre to me.

    I think it has to be understood that there are people who have had unwavering faith in the show since it started and are now noticing a bit of rushed pacing near the end, which really isn't excusable since the producers are in a rare situation where they were able to pick their own end date. It's not like everyone who dislikes an episode is some stupid LOST newbie who "just doesn't get it." People are entitled to their opinions. In fact, I sort of th…

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  • The Variable

    Okay, sorry if this has been touched upon, but unless I'm mistaken, we were led to believe that the actions of Juliet and Co. created this spin-off timeline, instead of changing the past of the original timeline. My issue is, I feel like that's sort of been disproven already. Wouldn't Ben and Roger be dead if they were somewhere on the Island when the bomb went off? And what about Pierre, who was pretty much on top of the bomb when it "detonated." FS Miles has said that his father works with Charlotte in the museum. If these three characters are alive, despite an H-bomb explosion, doesn't that suggest that the Flash-Sideways timeline was created by something else? Or that it always existed regardless of any H-bomb detonation?

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