"That record is skipping..."

In 'Because You Left', the season 5 opener, Daniel Faraday (*moment of silence*) explained that the Island is like a record that is skipping on a turntable... My question is: Why is it that the majority of the time shifts occurred in time periods that were - if you think about how much time there actually is 'in the past' - relatively close to the Losties time of departure (i.e. early 2005)? For instance, why did they not jump all the way back and bump into Jacob and his Nemesis next to the statue? I realise that some of the time shifts were unknown, and therefore could have accommodated for this discrepancy...

My idea is that, when a "record is skipping" (sticking to the analogy), it tends to skip around the same sort of area on a song, thus meaning that the time shifts would occur around the same sort of time in history...

Maybe this had already been explained within the show, and I was more interested in flicking popcorn around the living-room, but I thought I'd just throw this out there...


By the way, I'm new, so... Hi!

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