So, I tried to look back at posts because I've been holding on to this tidbit for a while, and I can't see that anyone has mentioned this yet, and if they have, then I guess I'm just bringing it back up.

There's been a lot of discussion of the end of the show. Go back to Season 5, Episode 5, "This Place is Death". Skip to about 3:15 into the episode as the camera pans across one of Danielle's shipmate listening to the original broadcast of the numbers. Now tell me, who's voice is that on the broadcast? And if you have a guess, what would that answer mean?

I already have my theory, but I'm just trying to fuel a discussion and I'm also trying desperately not to post this as a spoiler, but it was part of the show, and all I'm doing is givung you some instructions.

Check it out and reply, discuss.

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