The following are my thoughts on the episode Everybody Loves Hugo, so if you have not seen it I wouldn't read further. To make it simple I am numbering my ideas, so feel free to comment.

1. How crazy and unexpected was the MIB throwing Desmond down the well? I was shocked. Also do you think that in the FS, Desmond runs over locke as an act of revenge, or is it his way of making Locke aware of the island time. The way Locke looked after being hit by the car almost paralleled his face to right after the oceanic crash. This gave me the idea the this car accident may have somehow un-paralyzed Locke, like the plane crash.

2. The way Locke and Jack look at each other at the end was very interesting. This was Jack's first encounter with the MIB/Locke since the ajira flight. I think the MIB at one point controlled Christian's body, the one that Jack constantly saw. Maybe Jack understands that this man was the same portraying his father, and that eye contact was from slight familiarity. To clarify, I think Jack has made the connection that Lockes body was brought dead, to the island much like Christians, and both have been encompassed by the same creature, the MIB. Therefore, I think Jack has been wanting to confront with the MIB about his father.

3. Lastly, would anyone be surprised if there was never a Sun and Jin reunion? I am starting to think that it may never happen, which is definitely plausible. Since every group (Widmore, MIB, Richard) will most likely clash in the end, the only way I see them never reunited is if one of them died.

3.5 I really thought they had already answered the whispers question, that the whispers were just the others. Strong evidence is that when we have heard the whispers, the others have appeared, like in the temple. I didn't really like the explanation of the whispers in this episode?

That is all...Please comment.

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