So at this point in the season, all mysteries aside, I think we can safely assume that Jacob and Nemesis are responsible for most actions on/off the island in everyone's lives for the most part. Also on a side note, I believe there is something more powerful than the both of them considering they follow rules. Someone has to make these rules, right?

Anyway, most people I know who watch the show and from what I read on here everyday, majority seem to believe Jacob is good and Nemesis is evil. I believe it is not as simple as that and those words are just personal views.

Jacob seems to represent free will and Nemesis seems to be Destiny, at least that is what people believe but does Jacob really represent free will? Lets take a look at that.

He touches the main characters, they being Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, and Jin. am I missing one? Anyway, assuming his touch is what leads them to come to the island is this really a good thing? Also, The others have been vicious for the most part. Kidnapping, murder, the purge. All these things have been ordered by the leaders who get their orders from Richard who gets his Orders from Jacob. I understand he wants to show humanity is ultimately good but he seems to do a lot of bad as well.

Nemesis on the other hand seems to resent humanity. He doesn't want people on the island, he feels they corrupt and are greedy and just wind up waging war on one another. He seems to be right for the most part. So in the end, it seems he is the one looking out for the greater good of the island. He doesn't directly interfere with peoples lives off the island like Jacob. He only acts once people come and start ruining shit.

I am not saying Jacob isn't good or Nemesis is good. I am just simply saying it isn't that simple and there are many shades of gray when talking about good and Evil. Either way I love Jacob, he is so calm and cool. And he has this wise aura to him.

So, what does everyone think? I welcome all feed back and criticism. also, feel free to put your own ideas in obviously.

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