My friends and I always have the discussion about who is the most Bad Ass character on lost. We all have our own people. So I will give a list and some reasons why each one qualifies. I figure this will be a nice break from all the theories. and whoever else wants to add in their own opinion about another person is more than welcome to.

Sawyer - Con Man, Killed a polar Bear fearlessly in the pilot. Kind of the ladies man and has killed multiple people while on the island. And one of if not the most sarcastic person on lost. withheld sayid's torture. Slapped the crap out of Daniel and messed Jack up

John Locke - Killed multiple boars with hunting knives, tied up Boone just to prove something to him, Chosen as a leader of the others.

Sayid - A member of the Iraqi guard. A former torturer, which he has had to again multiple times. Had no problem shooting Ben Linus as a little kid. Also had no problem killing chickens as a little little kid.

Desmond - The way he talks is pretty cool in itself. Plus he seems to act outside of the rules that apply to everyone else. Got shot by and then kicked the crap out of Benjamin Linus.

Jack - Being chosen as the leader of the survivors a few days in is pretty Bad Ass in itself. The Jack we just saw in season 5 seemed much more focused and Kick ass.

Jin - He roundhouse Kicked someone in the face. Enough said. Also surviving a boat explosion is pretty cool.

Richard Alpert - He always seems calm and collected. Even when facing a dangerous situation. I feel that it is pretty bad ass to be that calm all the time.

That is the list I have come up with. Obviously it doesn't include people who are dead. If not. Ecko definitely would have been on there. Also, the Nemesis isn't on here cause we don't know to much about him. Same with Jacob. All though that "what about you" line was intense.

Let the opinions Begin.

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