Okay, So I for one believe Jacob is not permanently Dead. They talked about him way to long and he is way to important to be killed off in one real appearance. I think he meant for all this to happen in some grand larger scheme.

Anyway, what I am really interested in is this. What happens when Unlocke and Ben come out of the statue and they reveal that they have Killed Jacob. You have Richard, who has been Jacob's right hand man for like 2 centuries, how will he react, maybe we will see a rare flash of anger from him? that would be awesome.

You have all the others, will Unlocke make ben take all the heat or will he come up with a way to convince them that it was for the better?

And more appealing above all us, we have Llana and frank and all them who have the real John Locke in a casket, Dead. What will happen with this. What will Unlockes reaction be to this. Will he turn in to smokey and shimmy away?

I can't wait.

What does everyone think?

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