I would like to know what everyone is most excited for in the final season.

Me for one am excited for these things, among many.

1.The background story to Jacob and Nemesis.

2.Richards background story.

3.What Nemesis meant by "you have no clue what I went through to be here. guess that goes with #1.

4.Obviously, how everything is going to be tied in.

5.The Frozen wheel.

I would also like to bring something up. I am sure it has been said before but I don't see anyone talking about it and I can't understand why.

These rules. Jacob, Nemesis, Widmore, Ben, The others. They all follow these rules which aren't exactly clear.

So since Jacob and Nemesis follow these rules, who the hell made them. Scary thought. Someone more powerful then them.

Love input people. Much as possible.

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