Okay so all things point to Nemesis being Flocke/smoke monster. At least it was definitely confirmed the smoke monster is John Locke right now.

However Damon and Carlton said " The Nemesis is not controlling him", but smokey is? Is this a lie to keep us guessing or what? They seemed pretty honest. I mean they said Sayid is definitely inhabited by something so why lie about that? I don't know what to think.

Also something else I am completely confused about. So the ash is clearly used to protect people from the monster as most people suspected. But if the ash was around the cabin, assuming Nemesis was in the cabin as that makes sense, how could the smoke monster be around from season 1? The ring wasn't revealed broken until season 5. A lot of people say Locke messed the ring up when he came with Ben in season 4, I am not so sure about this.

Either Jacob was in the Cabin and needed protection from the Monster or Nemesis was.

Now, Ilana said Jacob had not been in the cabin for a long time, he was in the statue. I am assuming he has always been there since the losties arrived and maybe way before considering Ben never saw him.

So if it was Nemesis in the cabin, maybe he was keeping the monster out? This makes sense if what Damon and Carlton said is actually true. And this just further proves my theory that Nemesis is not the bad one here. Why would he need protection from the monster if he was evil. I mean, he did look desperate when he said he wants to leave.

To me it makes a lot of sense and yet I am still so unconvinced about my own theory, oh the power of this show :D

Also another thing, I am thinking Richard was not a slave, but a prisoner. If Richard winds up being bad I will be upset, I really like his character and I loved seeing emotion from him finally. Also, I think if Richard is bad then it's safe to assume Jacob is bad, like I have assumed as said before.

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