Two extremely important characters who appear to be dead. But what do you think the future holds for them?

Mark Pellegrino hasn't even been confirmed to come back but it could just be a secret being kept from us. He is one, if not the most important person on the show. We have to at least get his back story so he is almost definitely coming back for that. He still might be resurrected. But as himself or as another character like Nemesis did to Locke?

Also, I don't want to rule out Locke somehow coming back. I don't like thinking he really was just a pawn and had no special significance other than being possessed. I mean the island did heal his legs, or was it just Nemesis or Jacob who granted him his legs back just to keep the game in motion?

What is everyone's theories on this? I have read crazy things Like Jacob also becoming Locke and having a Locke vs. Locke thing, but it is Lost so nothing is Crazy. Or Jack dying and Jacob taking him over. So it all comes full circle. Jack vs. Locke and Nemesis vs. Jacob all at one time.

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