• The Long Con

    Everyone together

    March 4, 2010 by The Long Con

    While Season 6 has been an up and down slope for me so far, With Lighthouse and Sundown being two amazing episodes for any season, I still want one thing to happen.

    I really just want everyone to come together and realize what is happening. I don't like how there is 10 episodes left and yet so many main characters have no real clue what is going on with the whole MIB/Jacob storyline.

    It seems like everyone is just accepting it for what it is. I also hope Jacob physically comes back somehow just so he can talk to certain characters, answer a lot of questions and stuff along those lines. I also think it's weird how Jack has no clue what is going on with MIB at all. I don't even think he is aware of it in the smallest amount. I can't wait to se…

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  • The Long Con

    Monster isn't MIB?

    February 4, 2010 by The Long Con

    Okay so all things point to Nemesis being Flocke/smoke monster. At least it was definitely confirmed the smoke monster is John Locke right now.

    However Damon and Carlton said " The Nemesis is not controlling him", but smokey is? Is this a lie to keep us guessing or what? They seemed pretty honest. I mean they said Sayid is definitely inhabited by something so why lie about that? I don't know what to think.

    Also something else I am completely confused about. So the ash is clearly used to protect people from the monster as most people suspected. But if the ash was around the cabin, assuming Nemesis was in the cabin as that makes sense, how could the smoke monster be around from season 1? The ring wasn't revealed broken until season 5. A lot of…

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  • The Long Con

    Okay so clearly all the answers and reasons for everything seem to be in the hands of these two People, Gods, whatever they may be. Now up till now we are all led to believe that Jacob is the good guy and Nemesis is the bad one. I refuse to accept that for many reasons, I am not saying I disagree and think it's the other way around, but I am just not sure it's how everyone sees it. Here are many reasons why.

    Okay so as we are led to believe Jacob is all about Free will. Now lets just look at why this might not necessarily be true. Up until now the only thing I have seen Jacob do that represents free will is tell Ben "you still have a choice", right before Ben stabbed him. We have seen him recruit people to the island by touching all of them…

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  • The Long Con

    The Gasping Power....

    December 2, 2009 by The Long Con

    Lost is one of the very few shows in history to actually leave me in aw. Fringe can do it too, but nowhere near the same level as lost. I would like to discuss some moments that just left me with this feeling of amazement. And the little things that went into them that made them so special.

    The most aw inspiring scene in my opinion was the opening scene of "The Incident". Even when we didn't know who those characters were you could just tell it was special. I mean most of us could have guessed that it was Jacob that was weaving tapestry and fishing, but it's Lost so assuming is never good lol. It had this god like feel to it. But that conversation was just so intriguing. So many questions like "who is this other man, who are they both for t…

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    Old memories

    November 24, 2009 by The Long Con

    I have done so many re-watches and every time I see certain moments of characters that are no longer with us I get really upset.

    As weird as it sounds it's like it actually affects me. We all have invested so much in these characters for 5 years now.

    A few hours ago I watched the episode "Do No Harm" and out of everything that happened that episode including Boone Dying and Aaron being born, one thing made me sad.

    Right after Claire gives birth, Jin goes to shake Charlies hand, and instead of shaking Charlie just grabs him and hugs him and laughs and jumps around.

    It really made me miss him, even though I always have.

    Any other scenes get all of you sad when you watch them over given everything that has happened now. Sometimes it's so small, Li…

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