The monster is one of the strangest mysteries on the island. In season 4, Ben seemed to have a bond to this creature because the mercinaries were all killed off when Ben was in trouble. The monster seems to also feed on the strongest people like Eko. The monster was deflected by the sonic fence when Kate and Juliet was chained together. In some occations, the monster was glimpsed in the forest. Eko was killed the second time he saw the monster in season 3. The monster shapeshifted into Eko's brother Yemi. In season five,Jin was found on a piece of the freighter. The island was shifting through time and seemed to bring Jin with. He was found by Danielle and her team in 1988 in time. Danielle and her team brought Jin into the jungle and they were near the Temple. The monster attacked them and took Montand(the leader)with it. Why did the monster attack them? The monster in my oppinion, is a pet to Ben, attacks people from other lands because they don't belong on the island,that the monster is also controlled by Jacob and that the monster hates sonic waves and can turn into other people like Yemi or Christian. Yemi was not in the beechcraft and Christian was not in the coffin. I believe that the monster takes the bodies and uses them as it's own.

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