The Cabin is well, a cabin. What's strange is, the cabin is in a jungle. The Dharma Intitiative came and conlonized the island, unknowingly that there were other people on the island. Horace Godspeed, a Dharma person, was seen in a dream of Locke's in "Cabin Fever." Horace said that he was making a getaway for his wife and him. Horace told him to find him. Locke goes to the gravesite were Ben dumped all of the Dharma bodies. There he found the Cabin blueprints. It seems like the Cabin was created in the 70's by Horace obviously. But when Dharma was killed off, a man of some sort, took it as his own. A man named Jacob. In "Jughead", Richard was told by Locke in the 50's that he was sent by Jacob. Richard seemed surprised he knew that. So Jacob is older than the cabin. Is Jacob only a ghost or apperition that only true leaders can see or a man who only shows himself to whoever he wants? But were did Jacob go before the Cabin? Jacob in the Cabin, maybe can move the cabin, the reason why no one can find it. Hurley saw him in a glance when he saw it in the jungle. Who is Jacob? Any theories or thoughts?

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