Libby and Charlotte are the only main characters to never have a flashback because they are unique. Charlotte was part of DHARMA when she was a little girl. Libby's past is still in mystery, except for tiny things she says like that she failed medical school. Once we saw her with Desmond in a coffee shop telling him about her boat. But why would she give him the boat? Maybe she knew he would land on the island? We also saw her in the San Rosa Mental Institute, the same one Hurley and Locke's mother went to. Charlotte had been searching for the island sence she found out that it was real because her mother wanted her to forget. Who was her mother and father? Libby in the mental institute had redish hair and on island she had blonde. Possibly Libby's real hair color is red and changed it when she got of the island. She must have lived on the island before coming on it, just like Charlotte. Maybe she was an Other and somehow came on the main land. Any thoughts?

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