John Locke's journey was a hard one. He lost his girlfriend because of his father and lost his abbility to walk. He went on Oceanic Flight 815 and his life changed forever. Crashing down on the island let him walk, connect with his destiny and take revenge on Anthony Cooper. Locke has helped most of the survivors like Charlie, which he got him off drugs. Locke was a man of faith definitly, and he could help everyone through it. He had to die as Jeremy Bentham which was the last of Locke. Ben did kill Locke. Like Ben said, "Dead is Dead and you never come back from it." Locke's corpse was put in a coffin and put in a butchering place. Jack came and changed Locke's shoes with Christian's. Jack believes Locke now, and is going back yet, the real Locke is dead now and will never see the real Locke again. Ajira Airways Flight 316 leaves with the Oceanic 6, Ben and Locke's body. Locke stands in the ocean by the beach at the night of the 2nd plane crash. Why was he there at this time? He goes through many shananagans with the new survivers and with Ben. Locke meets up with Lapidus and Sun. They travel to Richard's camp(except for Lapidus). Locke and the Others travel to the statue to see Jacob. Locke and Ben plan to kill Jacob. When they get to the statue, llana, Bram, Lapidus and some other new survivers get there too. Locke and Ben go to the statue's inside. Ben tells Jacob "What about me?, " as in all the bad things that happened to him and then he gets a tumor and then his daughter dies in front of him. Then Jacob coldly says" What about you?" Ben stabs Jacob and Locke kicks Jacob in the fire. Then llana and the other survivers open the mysterious box. Dead Locke lays in it, the real Locke. The other Locke is an imposter. Locke is dead. Locke was a good man and he should be remembered as the man who was honest, strong and faithful.

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