In the episode The Lighthouse, Jack is seen in a flash sideways with his son David. In the episode Live Together, Die Alone Part 1, Libby and Desmond are seen in a coffee shop. There Libby talks to Desmond about her husband David's sailboat. Thous Desmond goes to the island. Flash sideways takes a look on a different universe. This universe in flash sideways shows the survivors landing safe and sound in LAX. In this universe, Libby is David's mother. Libby has a larger part on the island and I just know it. Libby was probably not even on the plane. The reason why Desmond is on the plane is because Libby never gave him the boat because she had David. This explains why she was on the official poster. Please comment and rate!--The Kahana 01:11, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

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