Christian is Jack's father and Claire's father. He is seen in multiple flashbacks and flashforwards. He meets a lot of the survivors of the crash in both. He dies in Sydney, and Jack comes to pick him up to go to LA. But they crash on the island, and somehow he comes back alive. In the minisode, Christian is seen in his suit he was dressed in when he was in the coffin. He tells Walt's dog to wake up his son. He is seen as an apperition off island and seen as a real person on island. Just like Jeremy Bentham, he was dead coming to the island, but is alive on the island. But Christian seemed so calm coming to the island, like he was on the island for a long time. Maybe he was on the island before, in a dream or in the mind. Or there are two Christians, the one with the suit and one with the shriped shirt, who can see Jacob and hear him. But on the freighter, Michael saw Christian before it blew up. Any theories or thoughts?

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