The losties are in 1977 with the H-Bomb. They think that the bomb with blast them back to 2004 and land in LAX safe and sound(as you know.) What if Faraday was right, that they would land in LAX, but in another universe, and reality all together. This was probably something that Faraday would have never guessed. I think that Faraday really believed that the bomb was going to work. Anyways, the flash sideways storyline acually picks up in the plane and never goes back, which means that when the losties set the bomb off, the new reality began. This explains why Jack(flash sideways) didn't really remember his appendix being removed. This means that a new possibility was created. Every choice creates a new possibility or reality. A soul can be split into pieces(String Theory), so when the bomb went off, the lostie's souls split to accompany these new losties(flash sideways.) This universe(flash sideways) is not the same as the normal timeline's universe thou. Many different things in the lostie's lives change. Like for instance, Locke has Helen Norwood as his wife, Jack has a son, Kate is wanted for murder of her father's employee, Hurley is the owner of Mr.Clucks, etc. While some changes benifit the losties, some don't. It's like without the island they would be fine. This brings me back to 1977. The bomb goes off and BOOOOOOOMMMMMM. The island goes underwater and everyone on the island dies in a flash. Except for the losties who time travel back to 2007. Lets say time goes in a line. In 1977 the timeline was straight. But when the bomb went off, that timeline went on while the losties went to 2007. The time traveling Sawyer and them did was not even apart of their timeline. It was apart of a whole different one entirely. Anyways, I'll blog a more confusing blog later so.... Please comment and rate!--The Kahana 02:18, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

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