This episode was definetely amazing. It put me in a really bad mood though. Whenever I realize there is no more Sayid I just feel like crying. Anyways, I just wanted to point out a great thing the writers did in this episode. Sawyer fell for MIB's long con. It only hit me today in the morning and I couldn't believe it. It might not be intentional but I thought it was really ironic that the man who introduced "the long con" into our show is the man who gets conned thinking he made the decision of not wanting MIB on the sub when that is exactly what MIB wanted. I thought it might be showing that Sawyer has become too much of a better person that his old self is not there anymore. He has changed.

I hope no one has mentioned this before and if someone did then I am sorry. Don't worry, I am the one who posted it on the episode's page.

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