I was reading a post about how the creators lied to us more than once about what to be featured on the show in the future. I don't think this is lying since I believe they have the right to keep the content of their OWN show secret. I wanted to post this blog to express what I think Damon and Carlton knew in the very beginning about the end picture.

  • They knew that Jack would die and that the show will end with his eyes closing.
  • They knew that there are two "God figures" in the show that are simply controlling our characters some way or another in their own game.
  • They knew that the island was special due to a pocket of electromagnetism existing underneath it.
  • They knew that they would have to introduce different character conflicts over beliefs and discuss them over the show. Examples would be Jack vs. Locke; Ben vs. Widmore, Jacob vs. MIB

I am think I am forgetting some of the stuff I had on mind, but what do you think they actually knew from the beginning?

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