Hey everyone, I hope y'all enjoyed the premier yesterday as much as I did except for the extra long commercial breaks. Well, I have a bunch of theories that I would like to mention but it's still not all straight in my head so forgive me if some of it doesn't make sense.

First of all, I posted a theory when LaFleur aired last year that I will refer to. I believe that the island is the origin of humanity, it's the beginning of life, the beginning of civilization, the beginning of technology...however you would to call it. We have seen reference to so many civilizations. The Egyptian mythology is all over the show so I don't need to get into this. The Temple is a ziggurat, a place where people in Ancient Mesopotamia (oldest civilization on Earth) worshipped their Gods. Also ziggurats were a huge religious factor in native American civilizations such as the Aztecs and Mayans. The wheel was discovered by the Mesopotamians (it was one of the very first inventions in history). Also, the wheel is a big Buddhism symbol and it is called the Dharma wheel. We have seen many languages spoken by the others such as Korean, English, Japanese and Latin. Moreover, the use of ash to keep demons and superstitious out or away from something is featured in many African religions and cultures. I think that the idea that the Island is the origin of life will be the major explanation to the mythology on LOST which is why Damon and Carlton has said before that audiences who are extreme hard cord might not be completely satisified with the mytholgy explanation. There is a lot more mythology but that's all I can remembcer right now. I would like to move on to my theories about the yesterday's episode. I am gonna stay out of the parallel universe part because that's still confusing me and theorizing about it is not really helpful in anyways now. I would like to say that the detonation of Jughead has definitely had more effects on the chracters and the world other than the reboot. I think that this effect will be explored in season 6 a lot more.

The "Other Others" as I like to call them are the others that are fulfilling the Others' true purpose whether that is scientifc stuff (I doubt it) or religious stuff or whatever. The others that we knew before yesterday lead by Richard Alpert and varying leaders that come and go are the others that protect the Island and deal with new comers. They are the others that deal with the MIB or the smoke monster. Richard seems surprised when he sees the sign fired from the Temple. I think he realizes that Jacob is dead but he is also shocked when he realizes MIB or Smoke Monster (I am still not buying the idea that they are the SAME EXACT thing) is the guy who took Locke's form. That's a summary of what I think of the "Other Others".

Now, I'll move on to Sayid. I have a theory that I expected to see by now but I am still surpised no one has mentioned it. In my opinion, Sayid never died and I have two main reason for that. First, when Hurley is talking to Sayid and he says "You can come visit me anytime, I'l be around", the camera moves to Miles and he looks confused. You might say that he was just confused about Hurley's ability but I think that he tried to make contact with Sayid and he couldn't because he is not dead. When Hurley asks him what's wrong, he says "nothing". The second thing is that we KNOW the others are not stupid. If the paper says that if Sayid dies then they are in trouble then why would they drown him. Although the John Lennon (LOL) guy seems shocked when Sayid wakes up, I do think that the others at least had an idea of what was going on. I just think that Sayid wasn't dead. I also would really hate it if he was taken over by MIB and I don't buy Jacob taking over his body because first, Jacob is dead and second, this really doesn't seem like free will and having choice to me.

One more thing, did anyone else notice the extremely eye-catching red-shirt Hurley was wearing. I nearly cried with the though of him dying. If we look backwards to The Last Supper promo pictures, there were sculls under Sayid and Hurley. Considering Sayid has already "died", do you think Hurley might die?

I am pretty sure I am forgetting some of the stuff I thought about but that's enough for now. Sorry if the post was too long and please share your thoughts and ideas with me. I promise you this was completely based on my thoughts and no spoilers.

P.S. Check out Damon and Carlton's interview with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. It's on youtube. It might help you understand those theories better. Also check out Doc Jensen's two new blogs on EW, one is Q&A with Damon and Carlton and the other is thoughts about the premier. I wouldn't say those two things are spoilerish but they do indeed help you put things in perspective.

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