A lot of people were confused about the Island time as Elosie Hawking said that the Island is always moving through time. People were saying that is not true because the stuff weren't disappearing or there wasn't any changes (Like after Ben moved the wheel). So, I can tell that Elosie meant that the Island was moving in regards to the outer world not to the Island. For example, let's say that it moves every ten minutes, so every ten minutes the outside world time has changed in regards to the Island. But when Ben dislocated the wheel, the opposite occurred. Now the outer world is the stable one and the Island is the one moving through time. I know it' s hard to explain so I hope you understood me. Another way to say it is that like at 8:30 1990 on the Island, if you get out of the radius you can be in like 7:45 in 2003. And it might be 8:45 1990 (Same Day) and you get out in 1995. Simply, it's all just luck. That's why Ben went in the future when he left the radius. That is why Desmond went to the past on the way to Kahana. While at the time before John Locke relocated the wheel, I believe that if they all left the Island at different times (Regardless of the way), they would have turned out in the same exact time because as I said before the outer world was stable during this time. The "normal" people in the real world can't feel this because it's all in regards to the Island. A better way to understand, is to think about a record as Daniel Faraday said. That's nearly the easiest way. I hope you understood me and I hope to read all your comments.

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