I read in some blog that someone is wondering about all electromagnetism on the Island. I decided to just blog all I understand about it from my point of view. Please lat me read all your opinions about that.

First of all, Albert Einstein said that if you were able to bypass the speed of light, you can manipulate time/space and simply do anything you want. Also, in this same theory, he said that there is no enough power in the universe that can enable humans to bypass the speed of light. From what I understand, the DHARMA Initiative found a certain amount of pockets of electromagnetism on the Earth's surface. One of those is our Island, which is considered to have enough energy to falsify Einstein's theory and manipulate time/space. This energy is uncontrollable and it might cause catastrophic disasters like the Incident which we can't really say it's because of the drilling, maybe it is just Jughead.

I hope to hear your opinions about that and also hope to have explained a little about electromagnetism to the user who wrote ten questions about the show.

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