I hope everyone thought the finale was good not like me!!

Just random thoughts and as always criticism to some stuff...

First of all, why is everybody just assuming that the gray-haired dude aka Jacob's enemy took the form of John Locke. It is possible but there is nothing that makes it a fact. It was put on his page as a fact which I totally disagree with but I didn't want to delete someone's work. I might be wrong because I might have missed something!!!

Also, if he is the smoke monster as well as people are saying, then how come Locke didn't actually know about Ben's threatening till after Ben told him. Also, why would he summon himself to help Ben kill the mercenaries if Ben is obeying his enemy for life (At least what we think). I am just saying that there is nothing saying it's totally correct to be actually put on his Jacob's Enemy page. Again I might have missed something!!

Also user Dontshootitsme mentioned something about Walt's dream. What if it will happen as Ajira mysterious people plus Others/Hostiles under Richard's rule try to kill actual Locke to get rid of his ghost, duplication or whatever that is.

What are all your thoughts??

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