The island is the origin of life on Earth. It's the most important thing on Earth. It's the base of all civilizations. Hieroglyphics and an Egyptian statue was shown on the show. The donkey wheel refers to Mesopotamia because they discovered the wheel. The Others speak Latin, official language in ancient Rome. A lot of names are referring to Greek culture. Everything is saying that the Island is THE ORIGIN. That's why it's "hidden" and you have to get to it by a certain bearings. It contains all the secrets to the world. It contains a huge source of energy that can do anything. That's why you need to be special to get there.

Those are some other theories: John Locke had to get injured in order for him to return to Earth (Home) on a wheelchair, the same way he left, not different. Richard Alpert is ageless because he knows unlimited information about the island, so he needs to survive to pass it on to someone else. Danielle Faraday was shaking long time ago in a flash back in front of a TV when he was watching the "discovery" of the wreckage. He already met the people so that is why his brain didn't take the information. It just didn't happen in his own clock. Miles has something with the island and he knows a lot about nearly everything. He knew about Charlotte being on the island and many others thing. THAT IS A WEIRD ONE: Ben and Widmore are helping each other and in the same time repelling each other. That is why Ben has unlimited resources (Miles kind of knew about that) and that is also why Ben cannot kill Widmore.

I hope you all share your thoughts with me. Also, say your opinion about LeFleur and say WHO IS SAWYER GOING TO CHOOSE?

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