I was just reading on wikipedia about LOST and was shocked to know that Jack (Or Mathew in this case) was the only person to know the ending of the show. Doesn't that say that he is still the main character and that he still will have a huge role. He is on top of the cast and with all that, in season 4,5--HE HAS DONE NOTHING. What's about him.

The only thing, I can think about is that he is Jacob but I don't know why I totally refuse this theory. It kind of will damage the show unless they do it in a REALLY good way.

Also, he was supposed to die in the pilot by the monster but we all kind of know that the producers changed a lot of stuff.

If he is Jacob, would Ben and Richard know.

Again, contradicting myself, he wasn't on Jacob's list. He wouldn't put himself on the List to avoid the others' trouble. He was more important than Sawyer and Locke at this time so why wouldn't he, or is he not special?

Maybe he just didn't do anything wrong and doesn't need to be judged...

What do you all think?

P.S. The producers hinted to that in the part that shows that he started believing and that he knows he has a reason to come back.

Please help me figure this out.

Sorry if it is kind of weird....

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