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March 7, 2009
  • The Egyptian Lost Fan

    Recently, I have been noticing really strange posts on Lostpedia that by no means relate to LOST at all. They are usually posts discussing "favorite users" and stuff that really doesn't matter or relate to our TV show at all. It's just a blog about LOST not a popularity contest. Don't get me wrong, I understand that some people think of this as more than just a "blog" but still, people have been acting like children. Again, I don't mean to offend anyone but Lostpedia is just getting too dramatic.

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  • The Egyptian Lost Fan

    For everyone who has seen Inception, this Youtube video is purely amazing. It gave me the chills.

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  • The Egyptian Lost Fan

    Hey guys! I was wondering whether anyone knows which time zone the Lostpedia clock runs on. I usually get confused when trying to figure out what time the comments were posted.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • The Egyptian Lost Fan


    August 6, 2010 by The Egyptian Lost Fan

    I really REALLY miss LOST guys :(

    Watch this if you have never watched it before


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  • The Egyptian Lost Fan

    I was reading a post about how the creators lied to us more than once about what to be featured on the show in the future. I don't think this is lying since I believe they have the right to keep the content of their OWN show secret. I wanted to post this blog to express what I think Damon and Carlton knew in the very beginning about the end picture.

    • They knew that Jack would die and that the show will end with his eyes closing.
    • They knew that there are two "God figures" in the show that are simply controlling our characters some way or another in their own game.
    • They knew that the island was special due to a pocket of electromagnetism existing underneath it.
    • They knew that they would have to introduce different character conflicts over belief…
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