Much Lost really got to me and how every single aspect of the show affected me on an emotional level.

I re-watched The End just for the hell of it and little things still get to me. I still get choked up on all the "Awakenings" Especially Charlie & Claire and Sawyer & Juliet, and Jack And Christians part in the church just tears me apart.

However, little things that aren't even supposed to affect people get to me. What I mean is this: I, as I know many of you have, grew extremely attached to certain characters. Just specific people interacting with each other was always special. Hurley seeing Charlie in the Purgatory world definitely made people smile. For me, Just seeing Jack and Locke talk to each other in a friendly way, helping each other, almost brought me to tears again, it did when I first watched it.

That's why I will always be one of the people who loved The End, the characters became a part of you. I think after the show was over, the first night, I was speechless and in tears for about 5 minutes and the first thing I said was " I feel like a friend just died". No show ever again will do this to me, I am positive about that.

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