So ever since Rousseau mentioned the sickness we always wondered what it was. I guess no we know it is the Man In Black's influence on a persons soul, brain, heart, whatever.

I am fine with this but I have a question that I can't seem to come up with a definite guess for. How come certain people seem to be completely unaffected by him while others get completely over taken by him.

We have seen Claire, Sayid, Rousseau's team, and possibly the others in Flocke's group all fall victim to it. So how come Kate, Jack, Hurley, and especially Sawyer who has gone as far as double crossing him not be affected.

At first I thought Candidate's are impervious to it, then I quickly remembered that Sayid is one of the final 6. Then I thought that maybe if you had evil and or bad in your heart you were easy to influence. Then I thought if this was true why would Claire be infected, she has never done anything bad that we know of, and I doubt at this point we will find out anything since flashbacks are over.

Anyone have any ideas? Something I am missing here?

By the way, this is in no way a complaint. I am thoroughly enjoying season 6. Just wandering about this mystery

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