I honestly thought tonight's episode was really good and just an overall perfect episode of lost. Right off the bat, does anyone else think that the boy that Desmond and MIB saw tonight was a young Man In Black. I mean, he looked way different than the blonde boy who presumably is Jacob right? Plus that evil Grin he gave before the camera left him was very malicious, unlike anything we have ever seen from Jacob.

Most people seem to have a problem with the Whispers Explanation and or how it was revealed. I honestly had no problem with both. I honestly think Michael was great in explaining, you could see the shame and guilt in his eyes when he said " the ones who can't move on". It was really good to see him without him yelling about Walt, it was one of the only times I actually liked him. Also, I see people saying the explanation makes no sense cause of Ben saying " When you hear whispers you run the other way". I don't think Ben meant this as in the whispers and the others were connected just that they tend to appear when others are around. I also think that this was always meant to be the explanation but since Hurley can only commune with the spirits no one ever knew the answer.

It was so good to see Hurley and Libby together again. Even though we didn't get any answers about her past it was just so satisfying to see them together, it reminded me of the earlier seasons when character bonding was a gigantic role in the show. Plus I really enjoy seeing Hurley take charge like he is, it's such a complete turn around for the man who didn't even want to be in charge of the food cause people would get mad at him.

What else is there? Oh yeah, I am so happy everyone finally met up, well almost everyone. As soon as I heard MIB say "Hello Jack" I got chills. It brought back so many memories of their constant rivalry to me, and then the look that Jack had when he finally saw him was perfect. Even though he already knew it he still couldn't believe that this Locke impersonator was walking around.

I can't wait to see what happens with everyone now that they have all met up. Jack and Claire finally seeing each other, Jack and Sawyer and Kate all together again and I wonder how they are gonna react to whatever is going on with Sayid. Desmond still has to be found, I wonder who will rescue him and how. Also, Desmond running over Locke was crazy. I don't know what to make of it cause hitting someone at that speed is risking killing them if you want them to have a near death experience, so I am kinda shaky about Desmonds intentions.

Ilana blowing up was fine to me. I honestly never liked her, she felt forced upon us. We Don't know her last name and she never really shows emotion. The only thing I don't like about this is that now we wont know how she already knew Jacob and how she knew who the MIB was and how she knew he was trapped. Unless it gets answered somehow, but I doubt it.

The only thing I had a problem with tonight is that now yet again we have another group to follow. I want everyone to stay together. Jack, Frank, Sun, and Hurley finally meet up with Locke's group and they lose Ben, Richard, and Miles and now we are gonna have to take time away from the big group to focus on them. Also lets not forget Widmore's group.

Anyway, Next weeks preview looked insane Discuss friends.

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