I have literally seen about 8 blogs in the last two days complaining that the show is gonna answer nothing with 5 episodes left.

We all know that Damon and Carlton have confirmed that every main characters story will reach a conclusion, so right off the bat we all should be happy with that. At the core of the show, it has always been about the characters. More than definite we are gonna get some sort of flashback for Jacob and MIB, It will probably be at the same time since their stories are obviously linked. And in that same episode we will probably have some kind of answer to the ancient people of the island. The Frozen Wheel will most likely get answered, it seems way too important not to get answered.

What else? The numbers have already been answered to some extent, maybe a little more will go into it in the form of a quick explanation by Jacob or someone important to the islands history. The Whispers were promised to be answered, that will probably be quick as well. I think the biggest thing that will be left out is Walt, and that was cause of his rapid aging so I mean what could they do right? Unless it gets answered without him having to be there. As soon as we find out who makes the rules, which we will in the form of young Jacob, at least that's who I think it is, and why Jacob and MIB have powers and what the extent of those powers are so many other things will make sense.

I honestly think we all have been over analyzing everything for the last 6 years so much that we have been expecting deep complex answers and they have been giving to us in such short form that a lot of people are upset and losing faith. If every single mystery was to be answered the show would need another 3 seasons, at least that's how I see it.

With a show this important and with such a big fan base I understand not everyone is gonna be happy. Some people saw some Mysteries as more intriguing than others and some of those might get left out and it sucks for them but I have full faith in the writers that they will give us a satisfying ending if we all just relax and focus on what the show is and always has been about, The characters.

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