First off I would like to say something that I have been meaning to say for a very long time. How cool do you think it would have been for Locke to actually Meet Jacob, Learn about the cave, Learn the smoke monster was a man, or some form of a man. I honestly think he would have been so overwhelmed with intrigue that his character arc if he were alive would have been really good.

That being said, I still think him dying was crucial to the story and it probably wouldn't have worked with any other character being taken over by MIB.

And one question, I need help on.

Okay so, were the Losties always supposed to travel back to 1977? I am pretty positive I am right about this, but I had a debate with my friend and sometimes these things can be confusing when trying to be logical about them.

Was it Jack that always caused the incident? Was Faraday always supposed to be shot by his mom? I think yes because she always looked upset over what had to be done, and when she killed Faraday she had his book, which she then used to make sure things happened, like she did in flashes before your eyes.

So, what I am asking, is for someone to simplify this answer for me so I can show it to my friend. Explain how the Losties don't remember the 1977 past because at the point of the crash in that timeline it did not happen yet.

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