Okay so last night I finally got my girlfriend of a month to watch the both parts of the Pilot. I figure it takes so much of my thought process up I would like her to join in on it. She really liked it by the way and I figure I will make her watch about 3 episodes a night or more.

Anyway, the main point here is this. While I was watching the first episode I noticed so many things that may have pointed out that the writers had the endgame in mind all along, even if they didn't know how they were gonna go about it. Everyone always points out the whole conversation with Locke and Walt about Back Gammon "Two players, two sides, one light, one dark", which still gives me chills giving what we know now. Also, many people wonder what the black stick that looks like Ben's Baton is when Jack first awakens in the first few seconds. But I noticed many other things.

The main thing was, As soon as the monster is heard the first thing they do is cut to Locke right away who is obviously looking in fear/curiosity, but also the sky is getting all stormy. This was very symbolic to me. Another main thing was that when they were discussing what it sounded like Rose said "That sound is so familiar".

Those were the two biggest things that stood out to me. Maybe I am looking too much into it, maybe not. All I know is giving what we now know, those lines and images were awesome to me. I kept smiling and shaking my head in humor and my girlfriend was like what, and I was like you'll see eventually.

Anyone else notice things like this?

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