I really want to know if anyone else feels like this cause It totally surprised me that I feel this way.

I guess in my life I would be classified as A man of Science. I find religion to be very hoaxy, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in some higher power, Just not sure of what it is.

Now this isn't meant to stir a religion debate, I don't want anyone to get hurt based on their views, I accept all beliefs and respect everyone, unless you take it to an extreme.

However, one of the things this show did for me was open me up to a whole new level of thinking. I for the first time in my life actually don't throw away the idea of Destiny, I actually would welcome it. Also, I wish that my afterlife would be like what the Losties afterlife was. A place where I can see those who impacted my life the most is a beautiful concept, even though it goes against everything I have believed in and still kind of don't believe.

I would love knowing there is something beyond all of us, some source of everything, people charged to protect this secret, it all captures my imagination. To me it captures me in a more mature way similar to what Star Wars did for me as a child. I'm 21 and I still remember being 7 years old watching Empire Strikes Back and being in amazement. Lost did that for in a spiritual way.

To me this makes Lost the greatest show ever, aside from the great storytelling and characters. It has actually made me think of life outside the show, it has changed my thoughts.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I'm Nick by the way, I love all of you guys, so first name is fine haha <3

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